Hummus           $9.90 VE
Eggplant           $9.90 VE
Feta & Olive     $9.90 V
Peri Peri           $9.90 V
Garlic                $9.90 VE
Tzatziki             $9.90 V
Any Three of the Above         $22

Mezze Tapas

Bread Stick With Doukah and Olive Oil         $11 VE
Mix Fried Seafood (White bait, prawn, and calamari served with harissa aioli)         $22
Clams Cooked in White Wine With Lemon, Butter and Herbs         $14
Mussels in Napoli Sauce         $17
Prawns Cooked in Creamy Lemon Garlic Sauce         $22
Fried Calamari Served With Harissa and Aioli         $19
Fried Prawn Served With Harissa and Aioli         $21
Quail Marinated With Aromatic Herbs (Fried or BBQ, 2 halves)         $12
Fried Kobebe (x3 Lebanese-style lamb meatballs)         $14
Vegetarian Kobebe (x3 Lebanese-style balls with chick peas and bougoul)         $12 V
Marinated Olives       $9 VE 
BBQ Chicken Wings (x3 Deluxe chicken wings)         $12
Fried Eggplant Fries         $17 V

From The Grill

King Grill (2 Shish tawooks, 2 shish lamb kebabs, 2 koftas, 2 chicken wings, 2 half quails, 3 dips, Casa Besta rice, salad, and 1 dessert)         $99 (Serves 2 people)
Quails (2 Quails served with salad and chips or rice)         $29
Shish Tawook (2 Chicken thigh skewers served with salad and Casa Besta rice [or chips])         $26
Lamb Kofta (2 Skewers of fine minced lamb served with salad and Casa Besta rice [or chips])         $28
Lamb Shish (2 Skewers of lamb fillet served with salad and Casa Besta rice [or chips])         $30
Mix Grill (1 Chicken, 1 kofta, 1 lamb shish skewer served with salad and Casa Besta rice [or chips])         $32
Lamb Cutlets (3-4 Pieces served with vegetables with either red wine or thyme sauce)         $36

Seafood Mains

Fish Singari (Whole butterfly sand mullet fish, spiced and baked to perfection)         $36
Tagine Calamari (Calamari baked in a tagine with a spicy napoli sauce)         $22
Tagine Fish Sayadeya (Barramundi fillets on a bed of rice, cooked in a spicy napoli sauce)         $29
Tagine Fish Super Sayadeya (Mixed seafood on a bed of rice, cooked in a spicy napoli sauce)         $33
Fish of the Day (Please ask waiter for price and selection)

Tagines (Clay Pots)

Tagine Prawn rice (Roz Mouammar) (Oven baked rice with prawns and cream)         $28
Tagine Bamia (Okra & lamb cooked in a tomato sauce served with rice)         $27
Tagine Akawi (Slow cooked ox tail cooked in an onion sauce and diced tomato. Served with rice)         $29
Tagine Lamb Rice (Roz Mouammar) Oven baked rice with lamb and cream)         $28
Tagine Moussaka  (Eggplant, red capsicum, sliced potato, with spicy tomato sauce)         $22 VE

Traditional Egyptian

Kawareh Fattah (Slow cooked beef feet on a bed of rice and diced fried bread topped with garlic vineger sauce)         $27
Molokhaia & Chicken (Traditional Egyptian green soup served with rice and half a grilled chicken. Molokhaia sourced directly from Egypt)         $26
Hawawshi (Beef and lamb mince with freshly chopped chili and spices with onion folded into a freshly baked sheet of traditional bread. Served with pickles)         $17
Mombar (3 Egyptian beans and rice sausages)         $14  (Extra sausages $5 each)
Kebda Iskandarani (Alexandrian-style marinated sliced veal liver with tahini and bread)         $19
Warak Enab (Stuffed vine leaves with rice and lamb mince filling)         $19
Dukkah Lamb Brain (4 pieces of deep fried lamb brain with dukkah seasoning)         $19
Lamb Shank Fattah (Lamb shank on a bed of rice with garlic vinegar sauce and fried bread )         $29
Koshari (Rice, macaroni, lentils, chickpea with tomato salsa topped with fried onion and a side of special spicy dakka sauce)         $19   VE

Pasta & Risotto

Penne Pescatoro (Prawn, calamari, mussles, and clams in a rich herb and garlic Napoli sauce)         $28
Chicken Fettuccini (Creamy chicken breasts with mushrooms)         $26
Risotto (Mixed mushrooms with semi-dried tomatoes & spring onions)         $24
Paella Seafood (Prawns, calamari, mussles, clams, peas in saffron rice)         $32
Penne Napolitana (Traditional Napoli sauce)          $18 VE
Penne Vegeteriana (Mixed vegetables with Napoli cream sauce)         $20 V
Risotto Seafood (Prawns, calamari, clams, mussels, with Napoli sauce) $32


Fattoush Salad (Mixed salad, diced fried bread, sumac, with pomegranate dressing)         $14 VE
Greek Salad         $16 V
Chicken Salad (Grilled marinated chicken thigh mixed with a fresh salad)         $18
Prawn Salad (Grilled marinated prawns mixed with a fresh salad)         $22
Lamb Salad (Sliced BBQ lamb fillet mixed with a fresh salad)         $22


Lamb Burger (240g of grassfed lamb mince patty, lettuce, aioli sauce, cheese, fresh sliced tomato,  with a brioche bun served with hot chips and salad)         $22
Naked Lamb Burger (240g of grassfed lamb mince patty, lettuce, aioli sauce, cheese, fresh sliced tomato,  served with hot chips and an extra large salad)         $22

Wraps & Sandwiches

Only available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Falafel Wrap (Falafel, chips, hummus, and salad in a souvlaki wrap)         $14 V (VE option available)
Kofta Wrap (Lamb kofta, chips, hummus, and salad in a souvlaki wrap)         $14
Chicken Wrap (Grilled chicken, chips, garlic sauce, and salad in a souvlaki wrap)         $14
Kebda Roll (Marinated veal liver tossed in chilli and garlic with tahini and lemon juice)         $14
Lamb Brain Roll (Fried lamb brain slices crumbed in dukkah)        $14
Prawn Roll (Crumbed prawn, salad, and tahini sauce freshly rolled)        $14
Sujuq Baladi Roll (Lamb sausage with onion and tomato with freshly chopped chili in a bread roll)         $14
Chicken Fajita (Chicken breast slices with Mexican spices, capsicum, tomatoes, and hot chips)         $14

Side Dishes

Potato Wedges         $9 V (VE optional)
Hot Chips         $9 VE
Casa Besta Rice (Rice with beef and lamb mince and topped with rice)         $9
Plain Rice         $6 
Sayadia Rice         $6
Bread         $4 VE
Single Shish Tawook (Chicken skewer)         $6
Single Kofta (Kofta skewer)         $7.5
Single Lamb Shish (Lamb shish skewer)         $9
Side Salad         $6 VE


Sweet Rice Pudding         $9 V
Oum Ali  (Hot croissant pudding with shredded coconut, nuts, and sultanas)         Small: $11 Medium: $16 Large: $28 Family: $36 V
Middle Eastern Dessert Selection (Three pieces)         $12 V

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Cold Drinks

Coco Cola         $4.90
Coke Zero         $4.90
Lemonade         $4.90
Hibiscus         $5.50
Lemon Lime Bitter         $5.50
Red Bull         $6.50
Iced Coffee         $6.50
Iced Chocolate         $6.50
Orange Juice         $6.50
Mango Juice         $6.50
Guava Juice         $6.50

Hot Drinks

Latte         $4.90
Cappuccino         $4.90
Flat White         $4.90
Long Black         $4
Espresso         $4
Hot Chocolate         $5.50
Mochachino         $4.50
Chai Latte         $5.50
Dirty Chai Latte         $6
Hot Apple Cedar         $4.90
Sahlab  $6.50         (A traditional Egyptian sweet drink)
Soy milk and hazelnut, vanilla, or caramel syrup $0.60 extra each.
Extra espresso shot is just $0.60.


Loose Leaf English Breakfast         $4
Loose Leaf Earl Grey         $4
Loose Leaf Green Tea         $4
Loose Leaf Spearmint         $4
Loose Leaf Lemongrass & Ginger         $4
Loose Leaf Camomile         $4
Soy milk $0.60 extra.

Alcoholic Drinks

Beer & Cider

Rekorderlig Apple 330ml         $9
Rekorderlig Strawberry Lime 500ml         $14
Crown Lager         $9
Carlton Stubbie         $9
Stella         $9
Heinaken         $9
Corona         $9
Asahi         $9
Pure Blonde         $9
Peroni         $9

4 Pines Pale Ale         $9

Wine & Champagne

Corkage Fee         $10


Aubert Et Brut Champagne         Bottle: $49
Jacobs Creek Trilogy         Bottle: $38   Glass: $8.50
T Gallant Prosecco            Bottle: $45   Glass: $10

White Wine

Forester Semillon Sav Blanc         Bottle: $40   Glass: $8.50
Vavasour Sav Blanc         Bottle: $43   Glass: $9.50
Innocent Bystander Pinot Gris         Bottle: $45   Glass: $10
Punt Road Emperor’s Prize Chardonnay         Bottle: $45   Glass: $10
Brown Brothers Moscato         Bottle: $45   Glass: $10


Tasmania Ninth Island Rose         Bottle: $45   Glass: $10

Red Wine

Wolf Blass Shiraz         Bottle: $38   Glass: $8.50
Tasmanian Pinot Noir         Bottle: $49   Glass: $11
St Hallett Barossa Shiraz         Bottle: $45   Glass: $10
Lovers Not Spanish Temperanillo         Bottle: $45   Glass: $10
Pepperjack Shiraz         Bottle: $49   Glass: $11
Wynns Coonawarra Estate Cab Shiraz Merlot         Bottle: $45   Glass: $10
V = Vegetarian, VE = Vegan